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Opinion: I Hate Sunday Night Baseball

Tonight the Mets are playing the San Francisco Giants in a ESPN Sunday night game.

Sunday night games are bad for the teams because less people want to come to the game. Fans don’t like it because people have to do things Monday morning. People would much rather see a day game on Sundays.

ESPN does it because people around the country want to watch the game at night but my question is, do people actually watch the game when it isn’t your team playing?

The time slot of 8 PM EST makes sense on the west coast because it is only 5 PM. I wouldn’t mind going to a game at 5 PM but at 8 PM the game doesn’t end until about 11 PM so I won’t get home until like 11:45 PM.

Now when I watch the game on TV I have to go through the entire day waiting for the game when usually on Sundays I watch the game at 1 but that isn’t the main reason. Still the game doesn’t end until like 11.

Also I am used to hearing the Mets announcers (Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling) and now I hear John Miller and Joe Morgan. I am not used to what they say or the ESPN graphics. It was the same as it was when the game was on FOX yesterday.

Please answer this poll as I am curious.

Jerry Manual, Lineups, 5/9 – Trivia

Jerry Manual:

Jerry Manual has been suspended 1 game for his argument with the 1st base umpire on Thursday.

I was at the game and it was a bad call. Bench couch Sandy Alomar will manage today’s game.

Pregame: Pirates at Mets (Game 2):
Here is today’s lineup:
Lineup 5/9
I will be live blogging the game so check back and we can chat about the game.
How to Catch It:



Radio: WFAN 660 AM

Español: WADO 1280 AM 

On the Web:

MLB.TV and Gameday Audio

MLB Gameday and ESPN Gamecast

5/9 – Trivia

Rubber Duck Trivia

Yesterday’s trivia goes to Shelley of Diamond Diva for knowing that Les Rohr was the first mets draft pick. She moves in to first place in front of The Season Experience as Donnie keeps moving down the list after being in first place.
                                         PTS  Wins
Mets Blog 2009                   12       3
p;                       11       3
Diamond Diva                     10        3
The Season Experience         8        2
Mets Banter                         5        1
Fantasy Hardball                  4        1
Rays Renegade                    2        1
Takin it National                  1        0
Today’s Question: 7 Points
(This was yesterday’s Aflac Trivia question during the Mets game.)

Who was the first player to have their name engraved on a bat?

♣ First one to post a comment with the correct answer wins. Please leave a link to your blog so I can post your link as a winner.

Pick’em Fridays, NFL Draft, Figgy

First off I would like to say that in the Pick’em Fridays Challenge on the Mc Effect, I am now in first place at 64%.

Also I should probably tell you that I am as well as a huge Mets fan I am also a big Jets fan once baseball season ends. I am now watching the NFL Draft and am happy with the Jets pick of Mark Sanchez.
In completely unrelated news, Nelson Figueroa has agreed to go to triple-A Buffalo after testing the free agent market and found no major league jobs open.
As Gary Cohen was saying during the game today, he probably read the New York newspapers and blogs saying that the Mets might be looking for another starter with everyone struggling. 

Well Pelfrey wasn’t struggling today.

If you are yet to guess on todays trivia then you can find it here.
The guesses that are already made could be wrong
so make your guess anyway.
It could be from a different game.

State of the Blog

Every once in a while i will have one of these State of the Blog where I will say what is going on with the blog and what is up ahead.

  • I have stopped making the Daily Scouting Reports partly because I was running out of ideas to write about and I was not having much time to make them.
  • The amount of people visiting the blog has gone down and I don’t think i will make the next latest leaders now. Come on people. Start visiting more for my opinion and news about the Mets and the MLB. Also tell people about this blog.
  • I will also be adding a daily trivia question called the Rubber Duck Trivia. It comes from the Aflac Trivia question during Mets games on SNY. I also would like to give credit to the #1 Constant Baseball for inspiring me to do this. It will be a little different though. The questions will be more about the Mets. Below is the first Trivia Question:
(update 7:41 PM) 
I completely forgot to thank Julia’s Rants for being the first one to ispire me to do this. Thanks a lot Julia you have a very good blog going as you are always in the top 5 of latest leaders.

Rubber Duck Trivia

What Mets player wore the number 31 up until Mike Piazza arrived? What number did that player switch to?

♠ This is a 2 part question so if you get only 1 part then you get half credit.

♣ First one to post a comment with the correct answer wins. Please leave a link to your blog so I can post your link as a winner.

Tonight’s Game vs. Fish

While most things aren’t showing it tonight’s game against the Marlins has been moved to a 6:25 PM from 6:10. This is due to SNY not being allowed to broadcast the game until 7 PM.

FOX has a deal with the MLB to be the only channel allowed to broadcast baseball games between the hours of 4 PM and 7 PM on Saturdays.
After tonight’s game against the Marlins there will be a concert at Dolphin Stadium. The Marlins didn’t want the concert to go so late so they are starting the game early at 6:10 meaning that the game couldn’t be broadcasted until the middle of the game. The marlins aren’t even broadcasting the game on TV tonight so they don’t care. The Mets got made because they want the game on TV. It ended up that the game is moved to 6:25.
The game will be on the radio at 6:25 with Howie Rose and Wayne Hagin and as soon as the clock hits 7 PM, SNY will start broadcasting the game from wherever it is at, at the time. 
So blame FOX and the MLB for making this contract but you should really blame the Marlins for scheduling this concert.