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Tonight’s Game vs. Fish

While most things aren’t showing it tonight’s game against the Marlins has been moved to a 6:25 PM from 6:10. This is due to SNY not being allowed to broadcast the game until 7 PM.

FOX has a deal with the MLB to be the only channel allowed to broadcast baseball games between the hours of 4 PM and 7 PM on Saturdays.
After tonight’s game against the Marlins there will be a concert at Dolphin Stadium. The Marlins didn’t want the concert to go so late so they are starting the game early at 6:10 meaning that the game couldn’t be broadcasted until the middle of the game. The marlins aren’t even broadcasting the game on TV tonight so they don’t care. The Mets got made because they want the game on TV. It ended up that the game is moved to 6:25.
The game will be on the radio at 6:25 with Howie Rose and Wayne Hagin and as soon as the clock hits 7 PM, SNY will start broadcasting the game from wherever it is at, at the time. 
So blame FOX and the MLB for making this contract but you should really blame the Marlins for scheduling this concert.

Daily Scouting Report: Luis Castillo

Last night, Castillo was 0 for 4 with a strikeout.Castillo Lineup

This season, Castillo is 1 for 10.
Today I was listening to Evan Roberts on WFAN and he was crazy about Castillo while making some good points. He said that Jerry Manual knows he is dis-liked by the fans. Roberts also said that he is dis-liked by Jerry Manual. His evidence for that was that he didn’t play on Thursday and he was pinch hit for yesterday. He said that most people thought he didn’t play Thursday because he is old and it was a day game after a night game. Roberts said that he didn’t buy that. He said, it is the 3rd game of the season and he played every day in spring training during day games.
I was assuming that he didn’t play for day game after night game but Roberts made a very good point.

Later in the show, a caller comes on saying that Castillo should bat leadoff or second. Roberts basically just said that it was a bad idea because you don’t want to be moving Reyes and Murphy is doing so well batting second. Roberts said that Castillo should bat 8th or 9th.
I agree. You don’t want to move Reyes or Murphy. THis also goes back to my post I wrote in spring training about Castillo batting 9th. Here it is.

Nationals at Mets (pre-game) Look Who’s Back

The Mets (6-7-1) will play the Nationals (6-6) today at 1:10 from Tradition Field

The Lineup:
Back in his usual spot.
Jose Reyes, SS
Luis Catillo, 2B
Ryan Church, RF
Fernando Tatis, 1B
Jose Valentin, 3B
Bobby Kielty, LF
Jeremy Reed, CF
Ramon Castro, C
Mike Pelfrey, RHP
Reyes is back where he belongs leadoff and Pelfrey back from injury.

The Pitchers:
NATIONALS: Shairon Martis (RHP), Justin Jones (LHP), Terrell Young (RHP), Jason Bergmann (RHP), Jesus Colome (RHP) 

METS: Mike Pelfrey (RHP), Livan Hernandez (RHP), Brandon Knight (RHP), Connor Robertson (RHP), Carlos Muniz (RHP) 

The Note:
It is Reyes’ first game since the World Baseball Classic and his first game batting leadoff all spring.
How to Catch It:
The game will be on WFAN.
Lets go Mets Go

Castillo 9th

Ed Coleman on WFAN said that he asked Jerry Manual about batting Castillo 9th. Manual responded by saying that he was thinking about trying it.

In a inter-league game with a DH it makes sense but to do that in a NL game wouldn’t make much sense. Batting the pitcher 8th is not a very good idea. Late in a game he could get a extra at bat and then the Mets are forced to use a pinch hitter. I see that it would make sense to bat Castillo before Reyes but I don’t think it will happen or it is very smart.

There are ways this could happen:
  • Tony LaRusa becomes manager.
  • Livan Hernandez is pitching.
  • I can’t think of anymore.