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Lots and Lots of Injuries

Over the weekend there were a lot of injuries that happened to the Mets but since I had no internet, I wasn’t able to blog about them. Here is a list of injuries:

Could be back this week.
Brian Schnieder – He has been working in extended spring training. Hopes to be back this week.
Jose Reyes – Did not play in Boston. Jerry Manual said that Reyes would not play today (Monday) at Citi Field against the Nats.
Francisco Rodrieguez – After being in the hospital Saturday, Franky was able to jog out to the bullpen yesterday and he did alittle bit of warming up.
Ryan Church – He could be sent to the disabled list according to Manual. Jerry said that Church will be examined on his sore right hamstring today.
Ramon Martinez – He was taken out in the 8th inning yesterday due to back pain. Manual also said that Fernando Tatis could be the starter at shortstop today.
With all of these injuries the Mets only have 2 guys on the bench. The backup catcher and Reed or Pagan.
If you have not yet guessed on today’s trivia
then you can find it here.

Postgame: Nationals 3 at Mets 4 (Series Opener)

Last night the Mets beat the Nationals 4-3 at Citi Field.

W- Johan Santana (3-1)
L – Scott Olsen (0-3)
S – Francisco Rodriguez (4)
Box Score/Recap

At the Plate:
  • The Mets had 11 hits.
  • The Mets were 1 for 16 with runners in scoring position.
On the Mound:
  • Johan went 5 shutout but then gave up a home run to Nick Johnson in the 6th.
    J Santana 6.0 6 1 1 1 10 1 104-78 0.70

  • Bobby Parnell then came in for 2/3 of a inning and Feliciano finished the 7th.
  • J.J. Putz then pitched the 8th scoreless.
  • Franky Rodriguez then came in for the 9th and gave up a 2 run home run but was then able to hold the lead.
  • The bullpen’s line was this: 
    Bullpen IP  H  R ER BB SO HR PC-ST ERA
    R Parnell (H, 3) 0.2 1 0 0 0 2 0 18-13 2.08
    P Feliciano (H, 2) 0.1 0 0 0 0 0 0 5-3 4.50
    J Putz (H, 4) 1.0 0 0 0 0 1 0 10-9 3.00
    F Rodriguez (S, 4) 1.0 2 2 2 0 1 1 22-14 2.70
    Totals 6.0 3 2 2 0 4 1 55-39

My Opinion:
Johan was great. Parnell, Feliciano and Putz all relieved well. Johan had to keep his pitch count lower and get another inning. Franky was wild and not so good. He hadn’t pitched in 6 days so that was a problem.

Player of Game:
Johan Santana for his great day.
Up Next:
Today at 1 PM vs Nats.

Postgame: Mets 8 at Cardinals 12 (swept)

I will not be writing up a postgame report because I wasn’t able to watch most of the game and if was not a good game for the Mets. I will write this though:

  • Livan Hernandez gave up 5 runs in 5 innings of work.
  • Sean Green gave up 5 runs in 2 innings of work.
  • Anyone who thought that Livan has constituency was really wrong.
  • Livan is not a very good pitcher.
  • The Mets bullpen can’t be trusted other than Franky and Putz.
  • The Mets did almost rally to come back in the 8th but it wasn’t enough.

Daily Scouting Report: Jackie Robinson

In today’s Daily Scouting Report, I will talk about what it would be like if Jackie Robinson was still alive.

  1. He would be 90.
  2. Most likely, Major League Baseball would not have retired his number on every team.
  3. Most likely, Citi Field doesn’t have a Jackie Robinson Rotunda,
  4. He would be harassed by the media today.
but what would have happened if he never existed.

  1. African Americans probably wouldn’t play in any sport which would make basketball very different.
  2. Hispanics might not be allowed in the MLB which would mean that:
  • No Jose Reyes
  • No Johan Santana
  • No Franky Rodriguez
  • No Carlos Delgado
  • No Oliver Perez (who I still trust)
  • No Livan Hernandez
  • No Carlos Beltran
  • No Gary Sheffield

Daily Scouting Report: Billy Wagner

In my post today about Wagner, I said that Wagner was throwing today. The question is: How will he do and in what roll?

Wagner to Putz to Franky would probably be the best bullpen ever if Wagner does what he did early in his career.Coming off Tommy John Surgery means that he probably won’t do it but he has reasons to try:

  1. Wagner most likely won’t be with the team next year and wants to prove that he is good to other teams.
  2. (Hopefully more importantly) he wants to win a World Series.
Wagner is saying he will be back in late-July or early-August while the Mets are saying late-August at the earliest. This saying that don’t expect him back until at least mid-August if ever. My guess is that the team doesn’t want to rush him back. That makes sense if Putz and Franky perform like they should. If they don’t then the team probably will rush him back and he will get hurt again.

If or when he comes back, my guess is that he won’t do so well and the team will end up pitching Sean Green ahead of him in the 7th.

Post Game: Mets 9 at Reds 7

In a long game last night the Mets beat the Reds 9-7 at Great American Ballpark.

W – Mike Pelfrey (1-0)
L – Edinson Volquez (0-1)
S – Francisco Rodriguez (2)

Box Score/Recap:

Presented from ESPN.

Box Score


At the Plate:

  • Carlos Delgado was 2 for 5 with a homer and 4 RBIs (not by a Grand Slam)
  • Carlos Beltran was 2 for 4 with a walk and 2 RBIs.
  • Brian Schneider was 2 for 4 with a walk and 3 RBIs. All of which came in the 7th inning when Schneider broke the game open with a 3 RBI double.
On the Rubber:

  • Mike Pelfrey started and went 5 innings. He gave up 4 runs, all of which were in the first. He walked 4, struck out 2 and ended up throwing 104 pitches (56 strikes)
  • Bobby Parnell followed by throwing a no hit scoreless inning although walking 2. Parnell might have pitched another inning but the Mets hit so well the following inning that they had to pinch hit for Parnell.
  • Pedro Feliciano followed and threw 2/3 of a inning giving up 2 runs.
  • Sean Green then game in to bail out Feliciano and he did that in one batter.
  • J.J. Putz then came in to pitch the 8th and he gave up his first run of the season.
  • Frankie Rodreiguez then came in for the 9th and had some control issues. He went 2-0 on every batter he faced. Frankie ended up throwing 30 pitches in his 1 inning of work. More on that later in the post.
Time of Game:
The game ended up going 3 hours and 56 minutes. In total the Mets walked 9 batters and the Reds walked 7 batters It will be a long game when in total 16 walks in the game and that goes with 2 mid-inning pitching changes.
The Bottom of the 9th:
In the bottom of the 9th, Brandon Phillips led of the inning with a walk. Frankie then got Jay Bruce to pop out. Then on a bad call, Edwin Encarnacion reached on a error by Carlos Delgado. What happened was that Phillips ran on the pitch, David Wright threw it to first and Brandon Phillips tries to go to 3rd so Carlos Delgado throws it to 3rd but the 1st base umpire, Bill Welkie, says that Delgado’s foot came off the bag when he caught it so he could throw it to 3rd. Brandon Phillips ends up getting to 3rd safely. Then a walk by Remon Hernandez loads the bases. Frankie then strikes out Alex Gonzalez and get Lance Nix to fly out to Center for the win.
K-Rod and Schnieder
Player of Game:

I am giving it to Carlos Delgado for his 4 RBIs although it could have easily gone to Carlos Beltran or Brian Schneider.

Up Next:

Today at 1 PM Oliver Perez will take the mound on SNY.

Postgame: Mets 2 at Reds 1 (Opening Day)

Today in Cincinnati, the Mets beat the Reds 2-1.

W – Johan Santana (1-0)
L – Aaron Harang (0-1)
S – Francisco Rodrigez (1)
Box Score/Recap
Presented from ESPN.
At the Plate:
  • Daniel Murphy hit a solo homer and then later drove in the 2nd run.
  • Ryan Church was 2 for 4 with a stolen base.
  • Carlos Delgado was 2 for 4 with a walk.
  • As a team the mets left 12 men on base. (not good)
On the Rubber:
  • Johan Santana went 5 2/3 innings giving up 3 hits, 1 run, struck out 7 but walked 4. He was removed after throwing 99 pitches.
  • Sean Green relived Johan and threw a perfect 1 1/3 innings.
  • J.J. Putz then pitched the 8th. He walked 11 and struck out 1.
  • K-Rod (but would like to be called Franky Rodrigez) pitched a perfect 9th, striking out 1 and earning his first save.
My Thoughts:
They won. That is the important thing. Johan walked too many but hopefully he will rebound. The team left wayyyyyyy too many runners on base.

Player of Game:
I am going to give the player of game to Daniel Murphy.
Up Next:
The Mets are off tomorrow and will play the Reds again on Wednesday with Pelfrey on the mound.