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Daily Scouting Report: Chicago Cubs

I was going to write about the team that won the Playoff Bracket but the Red Sox won and I have already scouted them so here is the runner up Cubs.

In the World Series of the Playoff Bracket, the Red Sox got 56% and the Cubs 46%.

My Predictions: NL Central Winner, Lose in NLDS, Record: 92-70
Playoff Bracket: NL Central Winner, Beat Phillies, Beat Mets, Lose to Red Sox

The Cubs are currently 2-1. All games were in Houston. 
The Cubs this year got Milton Bradley from the Texas Rangers. This gives them more power. They also got Aaron Heilman from the Seattle Mariners after the Mets traded him there. Heilman will be starting for the Cubs. Something the Mets should have done a long time ago. My guess is that he will beat up the Mets when they face us. 

Playoff Bracket: Wild Card and Seeding

Yesterday the Red Sox won with 50%, the Indians and Twins tied with 45% and the Angels won with 82%.