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Opinion: I Hate Sunday Night Baseball

Tonight the Mets are playing the San Francisco Giants in a ESPN Sunday night game.

Sunday night games are bad for the teams because less people want to come to the game. Fans don’t like it because people have to do things Monday morning. People would much rather see a day game on Sundays.

ESPN does it because people around the country want to watch the game at night but my question is, do people actually watch the game when it isn’t your team playing?

The time slot of 8 PM EST makes sense on the west coast because it is only 5 PM. I wouldn’t mind going to a game at 5 PM but at 8 PM the game doesn’t end until about 11 PM so I won’t get home until like 11:45 PM.

Now when I watch the game on TV I have to go through the entire day waiting for the game when usually on Sundays I watch the game at 1 but that isn’t the main reason. Still the game doesn’t end until like 11.

Also I am used to hearing the Mets announcers (Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling) and now I hear John Miller and Joe Morgan. I am not used to what they say or the ESPN graphics. It was the same as it was when the game was on FOX yesterday.

Please answer this poll as I am curious.