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Redding to DL

Adam Rubin of the Daily News is reporting that Omar Minya said that Redding will start the year on the DL due to shoulder fatigue. Rubin said he will not need a MRI though because they tested him when they signed him on January 12th. Omar Minya has also made it pretty clear that he doesn’t want Pedro.

This eliminates one possibility of someone for the spot and it is looking like it will be Livan Hernandez.

WBC: What I Think

First off I still don’t get how the Netherlands beat the Dominican Republic twice. The good thing is that Reyes is now back so he won’t have to compete with Hanley Ramirez for at bats.

I just don’t like the idea of having it.It is spring training. The players have to get ready for the 162 game season.To get ready they should be with the team they are going to be playing with. The MLB tried to fix it by extending spring training but now spring training is too long. 

I think having it is good for players like Pedro Martinez, who is trying to get teams to want him but for players like Jose Reyes, why have it. Reyes should be getting at bats not compete with Hanley Ramirez.

I think if they have it it should be during the winter. Maybe even part of the Winter olympics. Play it in a dome because they got rid of baseball in the olympics because the MLB wouldn’t let their players go to it.

WBC: Reyes, Tatis, Pedro

The 2 Mets from the Dominican Republic are back after losing twice to the Netherlands. Jose Reyes and Fernando Tatis are back in camp and should be in the lineup tonight against the Marlins.

Reyes has said that he enjoyed himself and is happy to be back and and hat he also was impressed with Pedro Martinez. He said he would be happy to see Pedro back next year.
Tatis on the other hand said he didn’t like it at the classic


The Mets Rotation:

#1 – Johan Santana (assuming he is healthy)
#2 – John Maine
#3 – Oliver Perez
#4 – Mike Pelfrey
#5 – ?

#5 could be Livan Hernandez, Tim Redding, Freddy Garcia, Jonathon Niese, Pedro Martinez (very very long shot)

In my mind, I hope it is Pedro but that seems like a long shot considering the Mets seem to not have much interest in him. 

It seems to be that the Orioles have interest in him and the Dodgers today said they might. Dodger GM, Ned Colletti, said today that he is curious about Pedro because the Mets are showing no interest in him.

If it can’t be Pedro then I am hoping for Niese. I like the prospects. See what they can do. Just look at Mike Pelfrey. He wasn’t very good until last year but he was great last year. Give him a chance.

It seems that it will be Livan Hernandez. What Livan can do is throw 120 pitches a game to give the bullpen a rest but he just isn’t a very good pitcher. He never really was. The good thing is though that he is not Freddy Garcia. Garcia has looked horrible this spring