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Pitching Plans

J.J. Putz and K-Rod both worked 1-2-3 innings in a minor league intra-squad game today.

He plans to work back to back games for the first time this spring over this weekend.
That is important I think. RIght. The closer should be pitching on back to back days. The season is around the corner K-Rod. Be ready.

I know he will be ready. I am just kidding.

J.J. Putz:
He plans on pitching again tomorrow in Jupiter, FL against the Cardinals. He also plans on pitching 2 innings for the first time this spring on Sunday against the.
That will be good to have Putz be able to go more than 1 inning so when nobody else in the bullpen can pitch Putz can go the 7th and 8th or also in a long extra inning game we can have Putz go 2 or maybe even 3 innings.

Freddy Garcia:
He admitted that he should be sent to the minors because it was taking him longer to rehab his surgery then he thought.
Could he be lying? Could he just make an excuse for not performing. Well there is no way to find out.

Mets at Tigers (pregame)

Today the Mets (5-7-1) will travel to Lakeland, FL to play the Tigers (4-8)

The Lineup:
Sullivan, CF
Valentin, 2B
Murphy, DH
Evans, 1B
Kielty, RF
Reed, LF
A. Green, 3B
Santos, C
Tejada, SS

The Pitchers:
METS: Freddy Garcia (RHP), Casey Fossum (LHP), Ron Villone (LHP), Kyle Snyder (RHP), Bobby Parnell (RHP), Darren O’Day (RHP), Rocky Cherry (RHP)
TIGERS: Edwin Jackson (RHP), Bobby Seay (LHP), Brandon Lyon (RHP), Freddy Dolsi (RHP) 

How to Catch It:
The game will not be televised but I will try to post updates throughout the game.
Lets Go Mets Go

Fifth Starter???

Matthew Cerrone at Metsblog said on his blog:

i think it’s safe to say livan will get the fifth starter’s spot, though he will not immediately travel north with the team, as Adam Rubin of the Daily News has suggested… meanwhile, garcia will be cut, or stay in extended spring training, redding will be the long man, and niese will resume his career at Triple-A where he should be…

I think it could be Niese now. I agree with what to do with Redding and Garcia. I think Livan will be the starter but I think Niese should be the starter.


The Mets Rotation:

#1 – Johan Santana (assuming he is healthy)
#2 – John Maine
#3 – Oliver Perez
#4 – Mike Pelfrey
#5 – ?

#5 could be Livan Hernandez, Tim Redding, Freddy Garcia, Jonathon Niese, Pedro Martinez (very very long shot)

In my mind, I hope it is Pedro but that seems like a long shot considering the Mets seem to not have much interest in him. 

It seems to be that the Orioles have interest in him and the Dodgers today said they might. Dodger GM, Ned Colletti, said today that he is curious about Pedro because the Mets are showing no interest in him.

If it can’t be Pedro then I am hoping for Niese. I like the prospects. See what they can do. Just look at Mike Pelfrey. He wasn’t very good until last year but he was great last year. Give him a chance.

It seems that it will be Livan Hernandez. What Livan can do is throw 120 pitches a game to give the bullpen a rest but he just isn’t a very good pitcher. He never really was. The good thing is though that he is not Freddy Garcia. Garcia has looked horrible this spring