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Wagner off Mound, 100 Posts

Today, Billy Wagner threw 10 pitches from flat ground and 23 pitches off a mound in Port St. Lucie.

“I think he was excited to be out there,” Mets rehab coordinator Guy Conti told the AP. “He is happy to put the uniform on again, but he is a real tough competitor guy, and we want to see where he is at.”
Also this is post #101 on my blog. I didn’t realize that I reached 100.

Red Sox at Mets (Lineup)

Here is the lineup for the 2nd exhibition game vs. the Red Sox.

#7 – Jose Reyes – SS
#28 – Daniel Murphy – LF
#5 – David Wright – 3B
#21 – Carlos Delgado – 1B
#17 – Fernando Tatis – DH
#19 – Ryan Church – RF
#9 – Marlon Anderson – CF
#23 – Brian Schnieder -C
#1 – Luis Castillo – 2B
#46 – Oliver Perez – P
Not sure why Beltran isn’t playing. Also Jerry Manual said that Sheffield won’t be playing RF in the first series against the Reds.

The game starts at 1 and will be on PIX 11, MLB Network, WFAN, WADO (Spanish) and for free on MLB.TV.

Daily Scouting Report: Post-Visit to Citi Field

Today the Mets beat the Red Sox 4-3 at Citi Field.

The new stadium was very modern. When I walked in the rotunda you have to scan your own ticket to go through the turnstile. When you got into the rotunda it was a mob scene. Everyone was trying to get up the escalators. My seats were on the concourse level so when you get up I went right to my seats. On my way I passed the brand new team store. It had a huge line. When I got to my seats in right field, we had cup holders and we were very close to the field. It felt a little like a minor league stadium because you were so close to the players.
Based on what I saw yesterday, Citi Field will favor the pitchers a lot. The ball dies down when it gets hit. Nothing carried. Part of the reason is that the stadium is almost all enclosed now. Also the infield was very slow. Not sure if it will always be or if it was because it was wet.
The way that the outfield dimensions are make it look like Jose Reyes will get a whole lot of triples. Maybe even some in-side the park home runs. With the high was in left and the nooks and crannies in right, Jose should be doing a lot of running around the bases and outfielders will have a lot of work.
The food lines were really long. It seemed like they had less concession stands then usual. I think they are supposed to have more by the home opener.
If you get to go in the VIP area then it is really nice. Just they didn’t have much food. Hopefully there will be more by the home opener.
One thing I didn’t really like was walking around the concourse level. I didn’t get a chance to go to the other levels but on the concourse is was very dark. You no longer have a view of home plate but there are a lot more TVs. (HD). Also the ceiling was very low. When I walked into it for the first time my first impression was Grand Central Station. It had tons of people and some food stands around.
Overall, I liked the new park and can’t wait for the season. Below is highlights run by ESPN of the game.


Postgame: Mets 5 at Cards 2

Today the Mets beat the Cardinals 5-2.

W – Bobby Parnell (2-0)
L – Kyle Louch (3-2)
S – Brian Stokes (1)
Johan Santana went only 3 innings but Metsblog says this is normal.
  • Omir Santos hit 2 homers.  
  • Daniel Murphy was 0 for 3. 
  • In Johan’s 3 innings he gave up 2 hits but both were homers.
  • The bullpen pitched 6 scoreless with a line of:
    Santana 3.0 2 2 2 0 2 2 3.57
    Parnell (W, 2-0) 1.0 1 0 0 1 1 0 2.02
    Dessens (H, 1) 2.0 2 0 0 0 2 0 0.00
    O’Day (H, 2) 1.0 0 0 0 1 1 0 2.77
    Merritt (H, 1) 0.1 1 0 0 0 0 0 4.50
    Stokes (S, 1) 1.2 1 0 0 2 0 0 2.51

    Also after the game Jerry Manual said the mets will be throwing the season.


Orioles 1 at Mets 2 (postgame)

Today at Tradition Field, the Mets beat the Orioles 2-1.

W – J.J. Putz (3-0)
L – Jim Johnson (0-1)
S – Bobby Parnell (1)
  • Oliver Perez was good. 6 2/3 innings but was pulled for throwing 93 pitches. Only 1 run.
  • Daniel Murphy tied the game in the 4th with a home run.
  • Fernando Tatis took the lead in the 8th with a tripple and scoring on a throwing error.
  • Putz and Parnell were good out of the pen.

Postgame: Fish 4 at Mets 5

Not that it matters but is the title like this better or the way I have been doing it?

Today the Mets beat the Marlins 5-4 at Tradition Field.

W – Dillon Gee (1-0)
L – Josh Johnson (1-1)
S – Darron O’Day (1)
  • Dillon Gee, who hadn’t worked more than two innings in any appearance the spring, allowed four hits, two walks and two runs in 3 1/3 innings.
  • Daniel Murphy was 1 for 3 with a walk while batting in the 2 hole.
  • The Mets send 8 men to hit in the 3rd inning and scored 4 runs.
Tomorrow, the Mets travel to Fort Lauderdale to play the Orioles at 1 PM with Mike Pelfrey on the mound.