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Tigers 10 at Mets 6 (postgame)

Sorry for no pre-game post.

The Mets (10-13-1) lost today to the Tigers (9-13) by a score of 10 to 6 at Tradition Field today.
W: Scott Williamson (1-0)
L: Ron Villone (0-1)
Here is a mlb.com Recap and Box Score.
  • Oliver Perez was shacking giving up 6 runs on 3 and 2/3 innings of work. Not a good sign at all.
  • Carlos Muniz, Elmer Dessens and Bobby Parnell all pitched scoreless innings but Ron Villone was in the middle of them giving up 4 runs on his inning of work and also getting the lose. Brian Stokes also finished the game with 2 scoreless innings. Villone won’t make the team but it is a good sign that Parnell is doing well.
  • Carlos Beltran was 2 for 3 with a RBI in his first game back from the WBC while Carlos Delgado was 0 for 2 with a walk in his first game back.
  • Fernando Tatis was 3 for 3 and is hitting .408 this spring in his bid for playing time this year.

Mets 9 at Tigers 3 (postgame)

Today at Lakeland the Mets (6-7-1) beat the Detroit Tigers (4-9) 9-3.

W – Bobby Parnell (1-0)
L  – Edwin Jackson (0-2)
  • Cory Sulivan, Jose Valentin and Rene Rivera ll hit home runs.
  • Daniel Murphy hit a big 2 out 2 RBI double in the 5th to give the Mets the lead they would need.
  • Bobby Parnell pitched 2 2/3 no-hit innings out of the pen in his bid for a roster spot.
  • Mets went 9 up 9 down in first 3 innings but then rebounded in forth and fifth against Tigers starter Edwin Jackson.
  • Daniel Murphy was 3 for 5
  • Nick Evans was 2 for 4
Tomorrow the Washington Naionals come to Tradition Field to play the Mets at 1:10 PM

Mets at Tigers (in-game)

Game has started. Sullivan flied out, Valentin grounded out and Murphy struck out.

Not a good 1st inning.

…update 1:24 PM

Mets go 1-2-3 again in the 2nd. In middle of the 2nd now, 0-0.
You can also follow the game by clicking here. I will continue to post updates though.

…update 1:35 PM

Tigers score on a Timo Perez sac fly in the bottom of 2nd. Top 3rd now, Mets trail 1-0.
There goes Garcia again. More runs.

…update 1:45 PM

1-2-3 again. Mets aren’t getting anything off Edwin Jackson.

…update 1:51 PM

Home Run Adam Everett off Freddy Garcia. 2-0 Tigers. His fastball is getting to 84 M.P.H.

Garcia stinks. Send him to minor league camp.

…update 1:58 PM

Parnell came in to finish the inning 2-0 Tigers.

…update 2:00 PM

Home Run Cory Sulivan. Mets are on the board. 2-1 Tigers. Now Home Run Jose Valentin. Tie game.
…update 2;13 PM

Bobby Parnell pitched a 1-2-3 inning in the bottom of the 4th and the game is tied at 2. Parnell is looking good. I wo

Parnell 1.2 0 0 0 1 1 0 5.79

I would imagine he is done but we’ll see.

…update 2:26 PM

Back to back walks in 5th force Tigers to change pitchers.

…update 2:29 PM

2 RBI double by Daniel Murphy. Mets now lead 6-2 still in top of 5th. Mets are pounding on Tigers reliever Freddy Doisy.

…update 2:33 PM

Parnell stayed in and pitched a 1-2-3 inning.

…update 3:12 PM

Ruben Tejada scores on a errror 7-3 Mets.

…update 3:26 PM

Rene Rivera homered 9-3 Mets now middle of the 8th.


Mets at Tigers (pregame)

Today the Mets (5-7-1) will travel to Lakeland, FL to play the Tigers (4-8)

The Lineup:
Sullivan, CF
Valentin, 2B
Murphy, DH
Evans, 1B
Kielty, RF
Reed, LF
A. Green, 3B
Santos, C
Tejada, SS

The Pitchers:
METS: Freddy Garcia (RHP), Casey Fossum (LHP), Ron Villone (LHP), Kyle Snyder (RHP), Bobby Parnell (RHP), Darren O’Day (RHP), Rocky Cherry (RHP)
TIGERS: Edwin Jackson (RHP), Bobby Seay (LHP), Brandon Lyon (RHP), Freddy Dolsi (RHP) 

How to Catch It:
The game will not be televised but I will try to post updates throughout the game.
Lets Go Mets Go