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Daily Scouting Report: Billy Wagner

In my post today about Wagner, I said that Wagner was throwing today. The question is: How will he do and in what roll?

Wagner to Putz to Franky would probably be the best bullpen ever if Wagner does what he did early in his career.Coming off Tommy John Surgery means that he probably won’t do it but he has reasons to try:

  1. Wagner most likely won’t be with the team next year and wants to prove that he is good to other teams.
  2. (Hopefully more importantly) he wants to win a World Series.
Wagner is saying he will be back in late-July or early-August while the Mets are saying late-August at the earliest. This saying that don’t expect him back until at least mid-August if ever. My guess is that the team doesn’t want to rush him back. That makes sense if Putz and Franky perform like they should. If they don’t then the team probably will rush him back and he will get hurt again.

If or when he comes back, my guess is that he won’t do so well and the team will end up pitching Sean Green ahead of him in the 7th.

Wagner off Mound, 100 Posts

Today, Billy Wagner threw 10 pitches from flat ground and 23 pitches off a mound in Port St. Lucie.

“I think he was excited to be out there,” Mets rehab coordinator Guy Conti told the AP. “He is happy to put the uniform on again, but he is a real tough competitor guy, and we want to see where he is at.”
Also this is post #101 on my blog. I didn’t realize that I reached 100.

Wagner in St. Lucie

I just read on Metsblog that Billy Wagner will be in Port St. Lucie next Tuesday and hopes to throw off a mound. Wagner says that he hopes to be back in late July, early August, while the Mets are saying that he won’t be back before September.

Something tells me that we should trust the Mets on this one. Also if he does come back then the team would have to figure out where to put. Wagner won’t be happy pitching in the 7th inning.

Wagner Stoped, Reyes back to #1

According to Adam Rubin of the Daily News Billy Wagner has been shut down by the Mets until September for fear of coming back to quickly.

I could have guessed that a long time ago.

Also Jose Reyes will continue to hit leadoff this season.
Good. The last thing I wanted was Castillo to hit leadoff and mess up a perfect mets first inning. All they have to do is Reyes singles or walks. Castilo bunts him over. Base hit Wright.