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Reyes, Peavy and Ollie

The Mets today announced that Jose Reyes is day to day after getting tendentious in is calf yesterday. As Noble Thoughts said, you never know what the Mets are hiding and Reyes could actually be really badly hurt.

Also today the Padres made a deal with the Chicago White Sox  for Jake Peavy but Peavy waived his no trade claus saying that he wants to stay in the National league on a team playing in Central United States.
In other news Oliver Perez pitched a game in extended spring training today. He went 5 innings but I have not been able to find out his line. Brian Schnieder caught Perez today.

Opinion: Ollie to Bullpen, I like it

Oliver Perez was sent to the bullpen today. Ken Takahashi, who pitched in long relief when Ollie pitched on Saturday, will pitch in his spot on Friday.

Most people say they want Ollie in the minors but I want him in the bullpen. Here is why:

Ollie needs to clear his head. 2 or 3 appearances in non-pressure spots. Then like 2 appearances in pressure spots and then start a game again. Let him clear his a head in a major league game to prove to himself that he can get major league hitters out. Then make him think that he can get major league hitters out in big spots. Then he can start a game and hopefully we will see good Ollie.

But what if he can’t get hitters out?

Then send him to the minors. It would probably mean that he has a physical problem. So DL or Buffalo.

But I think lets see what he can do with him in the bullpen. If he fails then DL or minors. Give him a bullpen chance first.

Postgame: Nationals 8 at Mets 1 (Fail to Sweep)

The Mets today yet again failed to sweep their series as they lost to the Nationals 8-1 at Citi Field.

(This will not be a normal postgame report)

I was at the game and Ollie was not good butmy prediction is that he will do amazing next start in Phillie.
Ollie will make his next start on Friday against the Phillies, a team that Ollie has done really well against. Ollie only gave up 1 earned run against the Phillies last year.
Also some of the scoreboards broke. The strip scoreboard in left field that people were putting K-cards on last Friday was broken. (I guess the security people were right about it braking.) Then during the game the center field big scoreboard went completely off for about the first 2 innings of the game. Then it went on but there was a big strip of black in the middle so you couldn’t read anything on it. Then they put the Mets logo up so it wouldn’t be wasted. THen  the scoreboard tarted to work again but there was one black dot in the middle. The Mets then put the regular stuff on the scoreboard with that black dot there. Then it was all fixed for the rest of the game but by that time the Mets were completely out of it.
You would think this is a old stadium with all of this happening but Citi Field is brand new this year.
Also during the game the Mets had Casey Fossum pitch 2 1/3 innings.He did horrible in his first 1/3 of a inning but then settled in but the truth is that Casey Fossum stinks.
After the game, the Mets DFA’d Fossum and brought up left handed reliver Ken Takahashi from triple-A Buffalo. In Buffalo he had a 0.77 ERA in 11 2/3 innings.

Daily Scouting Report: Jackie Robinson

In today’s Daily Scouting Report, I will talk about what it would be like if Jackie Robinson was still alive.

  1. He would be 90.
  2. Most likely, Major League Baseball would not have retired his number on every team.
  3. Most likely, Citi Field doesn’t have a Jackie Robinson Rotunda,
  4. He would be harassed by the media today.
but what would have happened if he never existed.

  1. African Americans probably wouldn’t play in any sport which would make basketball very different.
  2. Hispanics might not be allowed in the MLB which would mean that:
  • No Jose Reyes
  • No Johan Santana
  • No Franky Rodriguez
  • No Carlos Delgado
  • No Oliver Perez (who I still trust)
  • No Livan Hernandez
  • No Carlos Beltran
  • No Gary Sheffield

Opinion: Ollie should be Good

While nobody will believe me this is what I think:Perez Lineup

Oliver Perez had a bad outing yesterday. Next start which will be on Wednesday against the Padres, I think he will pitch well. On Mathew Cerone’s, Metsblog he wrote on his twitter feed that he thinks Oliver will do well next start because he did bad yesterday. He said Oliver is a 50, 50 guy so every other outing he will do well.

My thought is that Oliver will pitch somewhere between well enough to win and 8 shutout or 1 run innings. Ollie is a good pitcher. He was 10-7 last year and 15-10 the year before.

When I think of O.P. I think that he is a very good pitcher. Someone that can sometimes go 8 innings. Most people think of him as we will be lucky if he comes out with less then 5 runs. From when he has been a Met he has gone out and pitched quality games. He just throws a few bad outings which makes people think that he is a bad pitcher. I am not saying he is a guy to trust in a game on the line but you can usually trust him to do well enough to win.

If you remember in the World Baseball Classic, Oliver threw only twice in 17 days and one of those outings he threw 85 pitches. That put Oliver behind everyone. Now I would say that his next start would be his last start of the spring or first start of season. He should get better as the season goes on.

Pregame: Mets at Reds (Going for Sweep)

Today at Great American Ballpark, the Mets (2-0) will face the Reds (0-2) at 12:30 PM. 

The Lineup:

Reyes Lineup.jpeg Murphy Lineup Wright Lineup Delgado Lineup Beltran Lineup Church Lineup Cora Lineup Castro Lineup Perez Lineup
   Jose      Daniel    David     Carlos     Carlos    Ryan       Alex      Ramon   Oliver
  Reyes    Murphy  Wright   Delgado   Beltran  Church    Cora       Castro   Perez
    SS          LF         3B          1B          CF        RF          2B           C          P
Castillo must be getting old. Not playing day game after night game.

The Pitchers:

Oliver Perez will try to rebound after a horrible tune up outing at Citi Field last Saturday.

Bronson Arroyo gets the start for the Reds.
Mets Team Notes:
  • They will be trying to sweep out the opening series today.
  • We are 4 days away from the home opener
Mets Player Notes:
  • In Oliver Perez’s Carear he is 9-4 against the Reds with a 4.02 ERA.
  • If you haven’t noticed, Sean Green has changed his number from 48 to 50.
How to Catch the Game:
  • The game is on locally on SNY and WFAN.
  • The game is available for MLB.TV subscribers.
  • Here is a MLB Gameday for non-subscribers.
  • Here is a ESPN Gamecast for another option. Let me know what you like more, Gameday or Gamecast

Pitching Schedule

Copied from Mets.com

 Monday, April 6 Tickets Great American Ball Park | 1:10 PM ET
NYM Johan Santana, LHP (0-0, -.–) 
Mets (0-0)
  @   CIN Aaron Harang, RHP (0-0, -.–) 
Reds (0-0)

 Wednesday, April 8 Tickets Great American Ball Park | 7:10 PM ET
NYM Mike Pelfrey, RHP (0-0, -.–) 
Mets (0-0)
  @   CIN Edinson Volquez, RHP (0-0, -.–) 
Reds (0-0)

Thursday, April 9 Tickets Great American Ball Park | 12:35 PM ET
NYM Oliver Perez, LHP (0-0, -.–) 
Mets (0-0)
  @   CIN Bronson Arroyo, RHP (0-0, -.–) 
Reds (0-0)

Friday, April 10 Tickets Dolphin Stadium | 7:10 PM ET
NYM John Maine, RHP (0-0, -.–) 
Mets (0-0)
  @   FLA Anibal Sanchez, RHP (0-0, -.–) 
Marlins (0-0)

Saturday, April 11 Tickets Dolphin Stadium | 6:10 PM ET
NYM Livan Hernandez, RHP (0-0, -.–) 
Mets (0-0)
  @   FLA Ricky Nolasco, RHP (0-0, -.–) 
Marlins (0-0)