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Niese Down, Figgy Up

After the game Adam Rubin is reporting that the Mets have sent Jonathan Niese to triple-A Buffalo after his 5 run, 4 2/3 innings in today’s game. Rubin says that the Mets will replace Niese with Nelson Figueroa. Rubin also said that he would not be surprised if the Mets activate Tim Redding from the DL for Monday’s game.

I know Niese didn’t pitch very well but I like him.I was a little busy today so I didn’t really get to watch him pitch but I think he could get another start.

Also if you haven’t guessed on today’s trivia,
then you can fin it here.

Redding to DL

Adam Rubin of the Daily News is reporting that Omar Minya said that Redding will start the year on the DL due to shoulder fatigue. Rubin said he will not need a MRI though because they tested him when they signed him on January 12th. Omar Minya has also made it pretty clear that he doesn’t want Pedro.

This eliminates one possibility of someone for the spot and it is looking like it will be Livan Hernandez.

Redding Not so Good (in-game)

Redding has given up 6 runs including a 3 run homer. He doesn’t look good pitching. He doesn’t look happy. Doesn’t look like he will get that 5th SP spot. 


…update 8:55 PM

9 runs now. Finally out of the inning. 3 home runs in the inning by Gibbons, Morrison and Hermida. Mets down 13-1.
Johan’s line didn’t matter. Redding’s does.

…update 9:13 PM

Tony Armas Jr. is now in. Could he get the 5th starter spot. Probably not but at least he is better than Garcia and Redding.

…update 9:32 PM

The people from Seattle doing well. 3 up 3 down for Sean Green. Homer from Jeremy Reed.

…update 9:37 PM

Evans, 3 run homer. THis is after a Grand Slam. IN his last 3 games he has a Grand Slam, 3 run homer, 2 doubles, triple.

Projected Roster

On the Mets Daily News blog was written a projected starting lineup.

Brian Schneider, c
Carlos Delgado, 1b
Luis Castillo, 2b
David Wright, 3b
Jose Reyes, ss
Daniel Murphy, lf
Carlos Beltran, cf
Ryan Church, rf

Johan Santana, lhp
Mike Pelfrey, rhp
Oliver Perez, lhp
John Maine, rhp

Ramon Castro, c
Alex Cora, if
Fernando Tatis, if/of
Marlon Anderson, of
Jeremy Reed, of
Nick Evans, 1b/of

Francisco Rodriguez, rhp
J.J. Putz, rhp
Sean Green, rhp
Pedro Feliciano, lhp
Brian Stokes, rhp
Bobby Parnell, rhp
Tim Redding, rhp

He notes Evans would only be up until a 5th starter is needed.
Most of this I agree with but I would keep Evans over Jeremy Reed or Tim Redding (unless Tim Redding is the 5th starter). I would like to see Jonathan Niese the 5th starter but it is looking like it will be Livan Hernandez.