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Jerry Manual, Lineups, 5/9 – Trivia

Jerry Manual:

Jerry Manual has been suspended 1 game for his argument with the 1st base umpire on Thursday.

I was at the game and it was a bad call. Bench couch Sandy Alomar will manage today’s game.

Pregame: Pirates at Mets (Game 2):
Here is today’s lineup:
Lineup 5/9
I will be live blogging the game so check back and we can chat about the game.
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5/9 – Trivia

Rubber Duck Trivia

Yesterday’s trivia goes to Shelley of Diamond Diva for knowing that Les Rohr was the first mets draft pick. She moves in to first place in front of The Season Experience as Donnie keeps moving down the list after being in first place.
                                         PTS  Wins
Mets Blog 2009                   12       3
p;                       11       3
Diamond Diva                     10        3
The Season Experience         8        2
Mets Banter                         5        1
Fantasy Hardball                  4        1
Rays Renegade                    2        1
Takin it National                  1        0
Today’s Question: 7 Points
(This was yesterday’s Aflac Trivia question during the Mets game.)

Who was the first player to have their name engraved on a bat?

♣ First one to post a comment with the correct answer wins. Please leave a link to your blog so I can post your link as a winner.

Chat Box: Johan Santana

Write in the comments about Johan before, during and after the game.

…update 8:31 PM

Santana’s Line

Santana 2.2 4 3 3 0 2 1 10.13

Santana looked good. 3 up 3 down in first throwing 10 pitches. He throw 47 pitches total. The line doesn’t look very good but he pitched well. He’ll be ready for the opener.