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Pregame: Mets at Dodgers (Game 3)

Tonight the Mets (21-18, 2nd in NL East, 1 GB) will try to avoid a sweep by the Dodgers (28-13, 1st in NL West) at 10 PM.

The Lineup:
New way of showing the lineup. Let me know which you like more.
Murphy playing first for first time of his career. …update 9:08 PM Noble Thoughts is reporting that Jerry Manual plans to play Murphy at 1st for 4 games straight.
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Radio: WFAN 660 AM

Español: WADO 1280 AM 

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Tonight’s Game and 5/19 – Trivia

Today’s Lineup:

Lineup 5/19
Reyes back in. That is good. Also Murphy is finally back in the lineup. Also no Castillo. Interesting Jerry.
Rubber Duck Trivia

Yesterday’s trivia was not guessed on. Same question today. There can be more than one answer.

                                         PTS  Wins
Mets Blog 2009                   24       5
Diamond Diva                     16       4
Watercooler                        11       3
The Season Experience       10       3
King of Cali                          7        1
Mets Banter                         5        1
Fantasy Hardball                  4        1
Rays Renegade                    2       1
Totally Tribe                         2       0
Takin it National                   1       0
Today’s Question:

Yesterday the Mets put Alex Cora on the DL and recalled Ramon Martinez. He has appeared in 1 World Series. The more info you give about Martinez playing in that World Series, the more points you get. When someone guesses you can then add more information. It can be about stats, team, year, something special he did or something else about him in that World Series.

♣ First one to post a comment with the correct answer wins. Please leave a link to your blog so I can post your link as a winner.

Postgame: Mets 5 at Phillies 6 (Game 2)

Today the Mets lost in 10 innings at Citizen’s Bank Park to the Phillies by a score of 6-5.

W- Jack Taschner (1-0)
L – Sean Green (0-2)
Box Score/Recap:

At the Plate:
  • Daniel Murphy was 1 for 2 with a home run.
  • Ramon Castro followed his home run with one of his own and was 2 for 3 but was taken out as Omir Santo pinch ran for him.
  • Carlos Delgado was a pinch hitter and walked so it doesn’t look like he will be going to the DL. After Delgado walked they had pitcher John Maine pinch run for him so he must really not be able to run the bases since they brought a pitcher in to run for him.
On the Mound:
  • Bad Ollie showed up and went only 2 and 1/3 innings before being taken out. Hre was his line: 
    O Perez 2.1 5 4 4 6 2 0 77-36 9.97

  • Ken Takahashi relived him and went 2 and 2/3 innings giving up no runs.
  • Pedro Feliciano then came in and blew the 5-4 lead when he gave up a solo homer to Raul Ibanez.
  • Bobby Parnell then pitched a very good inning and J.J. Putz then threw 2 good innings.
  • In the 10th the Mets brought in Sean Green who put runners on 1st and 2nd with on out. Then got a strikeout. Then a walk to load the bases. Then he went down in the count 2-1 to Shane Victorino. Got him to swing at one in the dirt to even up the count. Then he threw one way outside and then he blew the game, giving up ball 4 high with the bases loaded, so the Mets lose.
My Opinion:
I thought that we would get a good outing from Ollie but was wrong. Now he might be sent to the minors to work on stuff. If I was the Mets I would sent him to Bufffalo for 2 or 3 starts and tell him that you will come back if you pitch well in Buffalo. Clear your head and start winning games again.

Player of Game: Raul Ibanez for tying te game in the 6th with his homer. He was 2 for 4.
Met of Game: Ken Takahashi for keeping the Mets in the game when Ollie couldn’t pitch.
Up Next:
The rubber game will be tomorrow. John Maine vs. Joe Blanton at 1 PM. The Mets will try to win their first series finale this year.


On Wednesday, manager Jerry Manual made a interesting move in batting Daniel Murphy 3rd with Carlos Delgado hurt. Wednesday’s lineup was this:

Lineup Card
Tonight the only difference is that Omir Santos is starting in place of Ramon Castro and that Mike Pelfrey is pitching. Jerry really doesn’t like Castro because Santos is catching every game except day games after night games like in Wednesday’s case. 
I don’t like Murphy batting 2nd. As much of a Murphy fan I am, I like him in the 2 hole. Here is what I would do:

Wright or Beltan
(The other one)
I want Murphy batting 2nd. Wright and Beltan batting 3 and 4 not 4 and 5. Then move everyone else up and bat Cora 8th. You can comment on what you think of this lineup and what you would do.

Mets Lineup

Today both Fernando Tatis and Gary Sheffield will be in the lineup with Murphy and Church sitting against the lefty.

I thought Jerry Manual said that Murphy would play against both righties and lefties.

The Mets lineup should look like this:
Tatis is in the lineup because Jerry wants him to get at bats. I understand that but Murphy and Church should play almost everyday. Righty or lefty pitching. Here is the real problem: GARY SHEFFIELD. 

This season Sheffield is batting .111. He sucks. Yes he hit his 500th home run but he sucks. .111 should not be on the team or in the lineup. The Mets were perfectly fine with Church and Murphy playing everyday and Tatis getting the occasional start.

Sheffield has forced Church to rest some days and that has put him in a real slump. He was doing amazing at the beginning of the year. 

Sheffield should be dumped or traded. I think some team would want him.

Pregame: Brewers at Mets (Game 3)

Today the Mets (6-5, 2nd in NL East, 4 GB) will host the Brewers (3-8, 6th in NL Central, 4 GB) at 1:10 in Citi Field.

The Lineup:
Jose Reyes, SS
Daniel Murphy, LF
David Wright, 3B
Carlos Delgado, 1B
Carlos Beltran, CF
Gary Sheffield, RF
Fernando Tatis, 2B
Omir Santos, C
Nelson Figuarora, P
The Pitchers:
Brewers: Jeff Suppon 
This Season:
0-2, 12.91 ERA
128-125, 4.66 ERA
Mets: Nelson Figuaroa
This Season with Buffalo:
0-0 3.00 ERA
MLB Career:
10-20, 4.64 ERA
What to Look for:
  • Daniel Murphy after day off.
  • Fernando Tatis at 2nd base.
  • Brewers against Figgy.
I will be there. It is my 3rd trip to Citi Field.

How to Catch It:


TV: PIX 11

Radio: WFAN 660 AM

Español: WADO 1280 AM 

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Daily Scouting Report: Luis Castillo

Last night, Castillo was 0 for 4 with a strikeout.Castillo Lineup

This season, Castillo is 1 for 10.
Today I was listening to Evan Roberts on WFAN and he was crazy about Castillo while making some good points. He said that Jerry Manual knows he is dis-liked by the fans. Roberts also said that he is dis-liked by Jerry Manual. His evidence for that was that he didn’t play on Thursday and he was pinch hit for yesterday. He said that most people thought he didn’t play Thursday because he is old and it was a day game after a night game. Roberts said that he didn’t buy that. He said, it is the 3rd game of the season and he played every day in spring training during day games.
I was assuming that he didn’t play for day game after night game but Roberts made a very good point.

Later in the show, a caller comes on saying that Castillo should bat leadoff or second. Roberts basically just said that it was a bad idea because you don’t want to be moving Reyes and Murphy is doing so well batting second. Roberts said that Castillo should bat 8th or 9th.
I agree. You don’t want to move Reyes or Murphy. THis also goes back to my post I wrote in spring training about Castillo batting 9th. Here it is.