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5/14 – Trivia

Rubber Duck Trivia

Yesterday’s trivia was not guessed on. Was it because nobody knew it or because nobody checked the site? Check for the trivia. It will be the same question today.
                                         PTS  Wins
Mets Blog 2009                   24       5
Watercooler                        11       3
Diamond Diva                     10       3
The Season Experience       10       3
Mets Banter                         5        1
Fantasy Hardball                  4        1
Rays Renegade                    2       1
Totally Tribe                         2       0
Takin it National                   1       0
Today’s Question: 7 Points

In the Mets first ever trade, they traded cash and a player to be named later for Frank Thomas and another player to be named later. Who were the players that were later named?

♠ If you can only get 1 player then you will get half the points. If someone only says 1 player then you can say the other for half the points.

♣ First one to post a comment with the correct answer wins. Please leave a link to your blog so I can post your link as a winner.

Niese Down, Figgy Up

After the game Adam Rubin is reporting that the Mets have sent Jonathan Niese to triple-A Buffalo after his 5 run, 4 2/3 innings in today’s game. Rubin says that the Mets will replace Niese with Nelson Figueroa. Rubin also said that he would not be surprised if the Mets activate Tim Redding from the DL for Monday’s game.

I know Niese didn’t pitch very well but I like him.I was a little busy today so I didn’t really get to watch him pitch but I think he could get another start.

Also if you haven’t guessed on today’s trivia,
then you can fin it here.

Opinion: Ollie to Bullpen, I like it

Oliver Perez was sent to the bullpen today. Ken Takahashi, who pitched in long relief when Ollie pitched on Saturday, will pitch in his spot on Friday.

Most people say they want Ollie in the minors but I want him in the bullpen. Here is why:

Ollie needs to clear his head. 2 or 3 appearances in non-pressure spots. Then like 2 appearances in pressure spots and then start a game again. Let him clear his a head in a major league game to prove to himself that he can get major league hitters out. Then make him think that he can get major league hitters out in big spots. Then he can start a game and hopefully we will see good Ollie.

But what if he can’t get hitters out?

Then send him to the minors. It would probably mean that he has a physical problem. So DL or Buffalo.

But I think lets see what he can do with him in the bullpen. If he fails then DL or minors. Give him a bullpen chance first.


On Wednesday, manager Jerry Manual made a interesting move in batting Daniel Murphy 3rd with Carlos Delgado hurt. Wednesday’s lineup was this:

Lineup Card
Tonight the only difference is that Omir Santos is starting in place of Ramon Castro and that Mike Pelfrey is pitching. Jerry really doesn’t like Castro because Santos is catching every game except day games after night games like in Wednesday’s case. 
I don’t like Murphy batting 2nd. As much of a Murphy fan I am, I like him in the 2 hole. Here is what I would do:

Wright or Beltan
(The other one)
I want Murphy batting 2nd. Wright and Beltan batting 3 and 4 not 4 and 5. Then move everyone else up and bat Cora 8th. You can comment on what you think of this lineup and what you would do.

Postgame: Nationals 8 at Mets 1 (Fail to Sweep)

The Mets today yet again failed to sweep their series as they lost to the Nationals 8-1 at Citi Field.

(This will not be a normal postgame report)

I was at the game and Ollie was not good butmy prediction is that he will do amazing next start in Phillie.
Ollie will make his next start on Friday against the Phillies, a team that Ollie has done really well against. Ollie only gave up 1 earned run against the Phillies last year.
Also some of the scoreboards broke. The strip scoreboard in left field that people were putting K-cards on last Friday was broken. (I guess the security people were right about it braking.) Then during the game the center field big scoreboard went completely off for about the first 2 innings of the game. Then it went on but there was a big strip of black in the middle so you couldn’t read anything on it. Then they put the Mets logo up so it wouldn’t be wasted. THen  the scoreboard tarted to work again but there was one black dot in the middle. The Mets then put the regular stuff on the scoreboard with that black dot there. Then it was all fixed for the rest of the game but by that time the Mets were completely out of it.
You would think this is a old stadium with all of this happening but Citi Field is brand new this year.
Also during the game the Mets had Casey Fossum pitch 2 1/3 innings.He did horrible in his first 1/3 of a inning but then settled in but the truth is that Casey Fossum stinks.
After the game, the Mets DFA’d Fossum and brought up left handed reliver Ken Takahashi from triple-A Buffalo. In Buffalo he had a 0.77 ERA in 11 2/3 innings.

Mets Lineup

Today both Fernando Tatis and Gary Sheffield will be in the lineup with Murphy and Church sitting against the lefty.

I thought Jerry Manual said that Murphy would play against both righties and lefties.

The Mets lineup should look like this:
Tatis is in the lineup because Jerry wants him to get at bats. I understand that but Murphy and Church should play almost everyday. Righty or lefty pitching. Here is the real problem: GARY SHEFFIELD. 

This season Sheffield is batting .111. He sucks. Yes he hit his 500th home run but he sucks. .111 should not be on the team or in the lineup. The Mets were perfectly fine with Church and Murphy playing everyday and Tatis getting the occasional start.

Sheffield has forced Church to rest some days and that has put him in a real slump. He was doing amazing at the beginning of the year. 

Sheffield should be dumped or traded. I think some team would want him.

Pitching Schedule

Copied from Mets.com

 Monday, April 6 Tickets Great American Ball Park | 1:10 PM ET
NYM Johan Santana, LHP (0-0, -.–) 
Mets (0-0)
  @   CIN Aaron Harang, RHP (0-0, -.–) 
Reds (0-0)

 Wednesday, April 8 Tickets Great American Ball Park | 7:10 PM ET
NYM Mike Pelfrey, RHP (0-0, -.–) 
Mets (0-0)
  @   CIN Edinson Volquez, RHP (0-0, -.–) 
Reds (0-0)

Thursday, April 9 Tickets Great American Ball Park | 12:35 PM ET
NYM Oliver Perez, LHP (0-0, -.–) 
Mets (0-0)
  @   CIN Bronson Arroyo, RHP (0-0, -.–) 
Reds (0-0)

Friday, April 10 Tickets Dolphin Stadium | 7:10 PM ET
NYM John Maine, RHP (0-0, -.–) 
Mets (0-0)
  @   FLA Anibal Sanchez, RHP (0-0, -.–) 
Marlins (0-0)

Saturday, April 11 Tickets Dolphin Stadium | 6:10 PM ET
NYM Livan Hernandez, RHP (0-0, -.–) 
Mets (0-0)
  @   FLA Ricky Nolasco, RHP (0-0, -.–) 
Marlins (0-0)