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Pregame: Mets at Giants (Can We Sweep???)

Today the Mets (21-15, 1st in NL East) will try to sweep a 4 game series at AT&T Park against the Giants (18-18, 2nd in NL West, 6.5 GB) in Sunday Night Baseball Action.

The Lineup:
Reyes is back today after missing 3 games. Reyes continues to be out with a sore calf. He has missed every game this series. He was hitting and fielding today but not in the lineup. Here is today’s Reyes-less lineup:
Lineup 5/17
The Pitchers:
Mets: Mike Pelfrey (4-0, 4.89 ERA)
Giants: Matt Cain (3-1, 3.00 ERA)

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Radio: WFAN 660 AM and ESPN Radio 1080 AM

Español: WADO 1280 AM 



Radio: ESPN Radio

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Pregame: Mets at Phillies (Game 1)

Tonight the Mets (9-12, 4th in NL East, 4.5 GB) will play the Phillies (11-9, 2nd in NL East, 2 GB) to kick off a big series as the 2 rivals play for the first time this year.

The Lineup:
Delgado was scratched because he was too hurt so here is the Mets lineup. Also check out my lineup post here.
Jose Reyes, SS
Alex Cora, 2B
Daniel Murphy, LF
Carlos Beltran, CF
David Wright, 3B
Ryan Church, RF
Fernando Tatis, 1B
Omir Santos, C
Mike Pelfrey, P
vs. Chan Ho Park
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Radio: WFAN 660 AM

Español: WADO 1280 AM 

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MLB Gameday and ESPN Gamecast

also what I don’t get is why last weekend Mark made such a big deal about the Yankees and Red Sox by featuring the series on the MLBlogs hompage and he wrote a post about it on his blog.

Lets GO Mets GO

Pick’em Fridays, NFL Draft, Figgy

First off I would like to say that in the Pick’em Fridays Challenge on the Mc Effect, I am now in first place at 64%.

Also I should probably tell you that I am as well as a huge Mets fan I am also a big Jets fan once baseball season ends. I am now watching the NFL Draft and am happy with the Jets pick of Mark Sanchez.
In completely unrelated news, Nelson Figueroa has agreed to go to triple-A Buffalo after testing the free agent market and found no major league jobs open.
As Gary Cohen was saying during the game today, he probably read the New York newspapers and blogs saying that the Mets might be looking for another starter with everyone struggling. 

Well Pelfrey wasn’t struggling today.

If you are yet to guess on todays trivia then you can find it here.
The guesses that are already made could be wrong
so make your guess anyway.
It could be from a different game.

Daily Scouting Report: Jonathan Niese

The Mets say that they are unsure if Pelfrey will be able to make his start on Sunday. Jerry Manual has said that it will most likely be Jonathan Niese but possibly Dillon Gee. It would be Niese on normal rest or Gee on short rest by 1 day.

Jonathan Niese: 0-1 9.00 ERA in 2 starts
Dillon Gee: 0-2 4.66 ERA in 2 starts
Last year, Niese was 1-1 with a ERA of 7.07 in 3 starts. Niese has a lot more potential then that. I have a feeling he will have a nice carear.
Here is a video of Niese warming up last year:
Also if you have any ideas about who to scout about then I would like to hear.

…update 6:49 PM
Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus is reporting that Pelfrey will miss his next start and either Niese, Gee or Figueroa will make the start.

Big Pelf, Museum

According to Newsday Mike Pelfrey had a MRI yesterday that revealed that Pelf had forearm tendonitis.

“This is not a big deal,” Pelfrey said. “I don’t want anybody to think that it is.”
Pelfrey said he usually gets this once or twice a year and the tendonitis usually lasts arounds two weeks. 

In other news, Adam Rubin, is reporting that Fred Wilpon plans to add a Mets Hall of Fame Museum out in center field behind Shake Shack.

Post Game: Mets 9 at Reds 7

In a long game last night the Mets beat the Reds 9-7 at Great American Ballpark.

W – Mike Pelfrey (1-0)
L – Edinson Volquez (0-1)
S – Francisco Rodriguez (2)

Box Score/Recap:

Presented from ESPN.

Box Score


At the Plate:

  • Carlos Delgado was 2 for 5 with a homer and 4 RBIs (not by a Grand Slam)
  • Carlos Beltran was 2 for 4 with a walk and 2 RBIs.
  • Brian Schneider was 2 for 4 with a walk and 3 RBIs. All of which came in the 7th inning when Schneider broke the game open with a 3 RBI double.
On the Rubber:

  • Mike Pelfrey started and went 5 innings. He gave up 4 runs, all of which were in the first. He walked 4, struck out 2 and ended up throwing 104 pitches (56 strikes)
  • Bobby Parnell followed by throwing a no hit scoreless inning although walking 2. Parnell might have pitched another inning but the Mets hit so well the following inning that they had to pinch hit for Parnell.
  • Pedro Feliciano followed and threw 2/3 of a inning giving up 2 runs.
  • Sean Green then game in to bail out Feliciano and he did that in one batter.
  • J.J. Putz then came in to pitch the 8th and he gave up his first run of the season.
  • Frankie Rodreiguez then came in for the 9th and had some control issues. He went 2-0 on every batter he faced. Frankie ended up throwing 30 pitches in his 1 inning of work. More on that later in the post.
Time of Game:
The game ended up going 3 hours and 56 minutes. In total the Mets walked 9 batters and the Reds walked 7 batters It will be a long game when in total 16 walks in the game and that goes with 2 mid-inning pitching changes.
The Bottom of the 9th:
In the bottom of the 9th, Brandon Phillips led of the inning with a walk. Frankie then got Jay Bruce to pop out. Then on a bad call, Edwin Encarnacion reached on a error by Carlos Delgado. What happened was that Phillips ran on the pitch, David Wright threw it to first and Brandon Phillips tries to go to 3rd so Carlos Delgado throws it to 3rd but the 1st base umpire, Bill Welkie, says that Delgado’s foot came off the bag when he caught it so he could throw it to 3rd. Brandon Phillips ends up getting to 3rd safely. Then a walk by Remon Hernandez loads the bases. Frankie then strikes out Alex Gonzalez and get Lance Nix to fly out to Center for the win.
K-Rod and Schnieder
Player of Game:

I am giving it to Carlos Delgado for his 4 RBIs although it could have easily gone to Carlos Beltran or Brian Schneider.

Up Next:

Today at 1 PM Oliver Perez will take the mound on SNY.

Pitching Schedule

Copied from Mets.com

 Monday, April 6 Tickets Great American Ball Park | 1:10 PM ET
NYM Johan Santana, LHP (0-0, -.–) 
Mets (0-0)
  @   CIN Aaron Harang, RHP (0-0, -.–) 
Reds (0-0)

 Wednesday, April 8 Tickets Great American Ball Park | 7:10 PM ET
NYM Mike Pelfrey, RHP (0-0, -.–) 
Mets (0-0)
  @   CIN Edinson Volquez, RHP (0-0, -.–) 
Reds (0-0)

Thursday, April 9 Tickets Great American Ball Park | 12:35 PM ET
NYM Oliver Perez, LHP (0-0, -.–) 
Mets (0-0)
  @   CIN Bronson Arroyo, RHP (0-0, -.–) 
Reds (0-0)

Friday, April 10 Tickets Dolphin Stadium | 7:10 PM ET
NYM John Maine, RHP (0-0, -.–) 
Mets (0-0)
  @   FLA Anibal Sanchez, RHP (0-0, -.–) 
Marlins (0-0)

Saturday, April 11 Tickets Dolphin Stadium | 6:10 PM ET
NYM Livan Hernandez, RHP (0-0, -.–) 
Mets (0-0)
  @   FLA Ricky Nolasco, RHP (0-0, -.–) 
Marlins (0-0)