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Pick’em Fridays Challenge : Week 7

I am a day early but not sure if I will get my picks in tomorrow. here are my picks: I will be writing them in MLB.com style.

National League:
Cubs over Padres
American League:

Interleague at NL:
Orioles over Nationals
Reds over Indians
Marlins over Rays
Blue Jays over Braves
Astros over Rangers
Royals over Cardinals
Dodgers over Angels
Interleague at AL:
Tigers over Rockies
Phillies over Yankees
Mets over Red Sox (We will turn it around)
Brewers over Twins
Pirates over White Sox
A’s over Diamondbacks
Giants over Marlins

Pick’em Fridays Challenge: Week 6

I currently stand in a first place tie at 63% over at the Mc Effect‘s Contest. Here are my Week 6 picks:

National League:
Cubs over Astros
Pirates over Rockies
Nationals over Phillies
Dodgers over Marlins
Bravees over Diamondbacks
Brewers over Cardinals
Reds over Padres
Mets over Giants
American League:
Twins over Yankees
Tigers over A’s
White Sox over Blue Jays
Rays over Indians
Angels over Rangers
Royals over Orioles
Red Sox over Mariners

Pick’em Fridays Challenge: Week 5

Here are my picks for week 5. I am tied for first place.

National League:
Phillies over Braves
Mets over Pirates
Cardinals over Reds
Brewers over Cubs
Padres over Astros
Marlins over Rockies
Diamondbacks over Nationals
Dodgers over Giants
American League:
Indians over Tigers
Orioles over Yankees
Red Sox over Rays
Twins over Mariners
White Sox over Rangers
Angels over Royals
Blue Jays over Athletics

Pick’em Fridays Challenge: Week 4

Tomorrow is the 4th week of Pick’em Fridays on the Mc Effect. I currently stand in 1st place with 64% right. I am trying to with stand my tittle. Wish me luck. Here are my picks for Week 4:

National League:
Cubs over Marlins
Pirates over Reds
Mets over Phillies
Nationals over Cardinals
Braves over Astros
Brewers over D-Backs
Dodgers over Padres
Rockies over Giants
American League:
Angels over Yankees
Tigers over Indians
Blue Jays over Orioles
Red Sox over Rays
White Sox over Rangers
Twins over Royals
Mariners over A’s

If you are yet to guess on todays trivia then you can find it here.

Pick’em Fridays, NFL Draft, Figgy

First off I would like to say that in the Pick’em Fridays Challenge on the Mc Effect, I am now in first place at 64%.

Also I should probably tell you that I am as well as a huge Mets fan I am also a big Jets fan once baseball season ends. I am now watching the NFL Draft and am happy with the Jets pick of Mark Sanchez.
In completely unrelated news, Nelson Figueroa has agreed to go to triple-A Buffalo after testing the free agent market and found no major league jobs open.
As Gary Cohen was saying during the game today, he probably read the New York newspapers and blogs saying that the Mets might be looking for another starter with everyone struggling. 

Well Pelfrey wasn’t struggling today.

If you are yet to guess on todays trivia then you can find it here.
The guesses that are already made could be wrong
so make your guess anyway.
It could be from a different game.

Pick’em Fridays Challenge: Week 3

I currently stand in 3rd place at 62% in the Mc Effect‘s Friday Pick’em Challenge. Here are my picks for tomorrow:

Reds over Braves
Phillies over Marlins
Mets over Nationals
Brewers over Astros
Cardinals over Cubs
Rockies over Dodgers
Giants over D-Backs
Padres over Pirates
Indians over Twins
Rangers over Orioles
Red Sox over Yankees
Royals over Tigers
White Sox over Blue Jays
Mariners over Angels
Rays over A’s

Daily Scouting Report: Pick’em Fridays Challenge

Here are my picks for today’s games for the Mc Effect’s contest:

National League:
Cubs over Cardinals
Pirates over Braves
Marlins over Nationals
Padres over Phillies
Mets over Brewers
Astros over Reds
Dodgers over Rockies
D-Backs over Giants
American League:
Indians over Yankees
Blue Jays over A’s
Red Sox over Orioles
Rays over White Sox
Rangers over Royals
Angels over Twins
Tigers over Mariners
Last week I was 10-5 and I am in first place. Lets try this again.