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5/21 – Trivia

Rubber Duck Trivia

Yesterday’s trivia goes to Canuck of The Watercooler for knowing that the july 4th game of 1985 ended at 3:55 AM on July 5th.  He moves into a 2nd place tie with Diamond Diva. Also I am now deleting in-active blogs from the standings.

                                         PTS  Wins
Mets Blog 2009                   24       5
Watercooler                        16       4
Diamond Diva                     16       4
The Season Experience       10       3
King of Cali                          7        1
We’re talkin Homer              5        1
Fantasy Hardball                  4        1
Today’s Question: 7 Points

On May 17th, 2002, the Mets turned the 9th Triple Play in club history vs the San Diego Padres. Who was the Padre batter when this took place?

♣ First one to post a comment with the correct answer wins. Please leave a link to your blog so I can post your link as a winner.

5/20 – Trivia

Rubber Duck Trivia

Yesterday’s trivia goes to Jeremy of We’re Talkin Homer, Blue Jays and MLB for giving information about Ramon Martinez in the playoffs. You can read his response here. I will give him 5 points for his response. He moves into a tie with the non-active blog of Mets Banter. Also tomorrow I will be deleting all of the non-active blogs from the list of the standings unless you claim your blog in a comment.

                                         PTS  Wins
Mets Blog 2009                   24       5
Diamond Diva                     16       4
Watercooler                        11       3
The Season Experience       10       3
King of Cali                          7        1
We’re talkin Homer              5        1
Mets Banter                         5        1
Fantasy Hardball                  4        1
Rays Renegade                    2       1
Totally Tribe                         2       0
Takin it National                   1       0
Today’s Question: 5 Points

On July 4th 1985 the Mets played a historic game against the Braves. What time did the game end?

♣ First one to post a comment with the correct answer wins. Please leave a link to your blog so I can post your link as a winner.

Opening Night: Braves at Phillies (pregame)

This is the first game post of a non-Mets game. 

Today the Philadelphia Phillies (0-0) will be hosting the Atlanta Braves (0-0) at Citizen’s Bank Park, tonight at 8PM. You know it is Opening Day when both teams have a record of 0-0.

Thumbnail image for BravesThumbnail image for Phillies Logo

Braves Lineup:   Phillies Lineup:

Johnson              Rollins

Escobar              Victorino
C. Jones             Utley

McCann              Howard
Anderson            Ibanez
Francoeur           Werth
Kothchman         Feliz
Schafer              Ruiz
Lowe                  Myers

(These are projected lineups)

The Pitchers:
Scoting Report by MLB.com.

Derek Lowe: Lowe will look to prolong his success at Citizens Bank Park and end the struggles he’s experienced during previous Opening Day starts. In the three season openers that he started for the Dodgers, the veteran sinkerballer went 0-3 with an 8.44 ERA.

His finest Opening Day outing came in 2005, when he allowed two runs in seven innings against the Giants. While starting the next two openers against the Braves and Brewers, he totaled nine innings, surrendered 17 hits and allowed 13 earned runs.

Looking to halt his Opening Day misfortunes, the 36-year-old hurler said it will be important for him to reign his emotions while pitching on a night when Phillies fans will be getting their first look at their team as defending World Series champions.

This will be Lowe’s third consecutive start against the Phillies. He went 0-1 with a 3.48 ERA in two starts against them during last year’s National League Championship Series. The loss came in Game 1, when he kept the eventual world champions scoreless through five innings and then surrendered sixth-inning homers to Chase Utley and Ryan Howard.

Lowe, who signed a four-year, $60 million contract in January, went 6-1 with a 1.27 ERA in his final 10 starts last year. During this span, which began with an Aug. 11 win in Philadelphia, he limited opponents to a .195 batting average. Lowe has gone 4-0 with a 2.58 ERA during his past six regular season starts against the Phillies. He is 2-0 with a 2.25 ERA in three career starts at Citizens Bank Park.

Brett Myers: Myers is starting Opening Night because left-hander Cole Hamels missed some time last month because of inflammation in his left elbow. But Myers has been here before. He has been the Phillies’ Opening Day starter each of the previous two seasons. He seems determined to make this a good one. He showed up to Spring Training 25 pounds lighter than he finished last season. He wants to make up for his first-half struggles last season, when the Phillies optioned him to the Minor Leagues.

How to Catch It:
The game will be on ESPN2 on TV. ESPN Radio throughout the country, WPHT 1210 in Philadelphia, WGST 640 and Project 96.1 in Atlanta

Daily Scouting Report: NL East

Today the NL East starts with the Philadelphia Phillies hosting the Atlanta Braves  at Citizen’s Bank Park at 8 PM on ESPN2.

Phillies Logo
My Predictions: 2nd in NL East, Record: 87-67
Playoff Bracket: 2nd in NL East, Wild Card Winner, (still voting)

Key Pickup: Raul Ibanez
Big Loss: Pat Burrell
The Phillies are  coming off a World Series win. They have now lost their power right handed bat, Pat Burrell, and replaced him with a left handed power bat, Raul Ibanez. The Phillies are now filled with lefties so Pedro Feliciano should be able to get them out.
My Predictions: 5th in NL East, Record: 63-99
Playoff Bracket: 4th in NL East

The Braves are looking to bounce back from a bad year but I don’t think they will. They lost John Smoltz to the Red Sox and they won’t be able to pitch. The Braves will really struggle over the next few years.
Marlins Logo

My Predictions: 3rd in NL East, Record: 81-83
Playoff Bracket: 3rd in NL East, T-2nd in NL Wild Card.

The Marlins are getting better each year. Their rotation has pretty good young guys and same with their position players. They have Hanley Ramirez who is great. Maybe even the best in the league. I think what the Marlins need is a veteran player who still pretty good. Someone like Carlos Delgado who is a x-Marlin.
Nationals Logo
My Predictions: 4th in NL East, Record 74-88
Playoff Bracket: 5th in NL East

The Nationals are getting better. I think Josh Willingham was a good pick-up. The big thing is that the Nationals need pitching. I think the Nationals will be able to beat up mediocre teams but not anyone good.
Also if there is a player that relates to the Mets that you want me to write a report on then let me know in a comment. Try to make it someone that most people don’t know.