Now I’m MAD!!!!

This blog was made right before the blog leaders for March 3rd-March 11th came out so I didn’t expect o being on it. I wasn’t. Since then I have been writing lots of entries about things that I would think, people would want to read.

I have been very eager for the new ones to come out because I want people to see that my blog is good and they should visit it. A couple minutes ago they did come out. (I was on at the time for some reason). I scrolled down the list until the fan blogs. I scrolled through the fan blogs and didn’t see my blog (Mets Go). I think went to the find in my browser and searched “Mets Go”. It didn’t come up with anything. 

The next thing I do is scroll down to the comments and I am the first one to comment. I write in the comment that I couldn’t believe that I didn’t make the list and I asked what the list is based on. Mark moments later replies saying that it is based on page views. Page views??? So you could write tons of well thought out entries but nobody reads it so you don’t make the blog leaders.

I have been writing long thought out entries (like this one) and I got a couple comments but not many. I have been commenting on other people’s blogs but they aren’t visiting my blog.

So please visit my blog often and tell people about it and I will give you and them my opinion, predictions and lots of news about baseball and especially the best team out there. THE NEW YORK METS.

P.S. Congrats to all the people who did make the blog leaders unlike me.

…update 6:58 PM

I would like to thank Mark of MLBlogosphere for extending the leaders list to 53 so I would be on the list. I am #53. Now I need to improve and get into the top 10. Wish me luck as I try to get into it. Also there is one good thing about being last on the list. When people scroll down the list they might want to click on the last one. So thank you Mark and thank you to all of my visitors and please keep checking back so I can continue to be on the League Leaders.


  1. Lissi

    Nothing! Just keep commenting and keep writing interesting entries. If you write interesting things people want to come back and if you comment people want to see what you have to say. So I guess maybe the only thing is comment more.
    URL is up there

  2. juliasrants

    You haven’t been blogging all that long and it can take time. Melissa is correct – you need to write about things that people want to read about. Look at other blogs – see what people include. And when you comment, make sure you leave your url. Take the time to write thoughtful blogs – try to pay attention to spelling and writing style. Doing those things will help more then “getting mad”. Make you visit the other Mets bloggers so they know you are here.

    Good luck!


  3. stevenj

    I must agree with you in regards to your “Now I’m Mad” post; well thought out indeed and interesting too. I don’t expect I’ll be anywhere near the top 53 so I write more out of the love of writing than anything else… Be that as it may, I wish you all the luck in your climb to the summit and you can count on my support!
    See ya around

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